Media Role in Iraq Crises Against Terrorism

Baghdad and many other cities in Iraq is living in anticipation and anxiety of threats made by the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS) taking over the capital Baghdad. In addition to fears of car bombings, lack of food and general services.

 Most of people who are aware of the situation agree on that the Iraqi Army breakdown and withdrew in front of the terrorists groups and allowing them to occupy main cities like Mosul and Tikreet, was because of rumors which helped in weakening the security forces position and increase the fears of citizens.

All experts concluded that there was a fifth column that supports ISIS and the people behind it in spreading destructive rumors.

Observing the situation in the past few days, we can see that the armed groups relied in a large portion of its strategies against the Iraqi government on rumors using media and word of mouth, its effects was very clear on the Iraq citizens and the security forces, and there was no Iraqi counter media to confront it.

We all know that the main mission of independent media it to bring the truth to the light, away from the effects of politics, sectarianism and religious influences.

But that’s not what is happing in Iraq.

With all of the large numbers of Iraqi and regional TV channels, news websites and social media interactions, we see little independent media that transfers the truth to the world, misguiding the international community for the wrong conclusions.

And that’s what the terrorist groups and their supporters aiming for.

One of the biggest examples for misguiding the international community is forming an image of the sayyed ayatollah Sistani the main Shia cleric call for arms against ISIS as if it came against Sunna, while who really understand it sees that is was a call for all Iraqis from all communities.

And the problem is that there was no one to explain it in the media in English for the western world, ISIS took advantage of it to gain the support they needed from unknowing people of what it truly means.

The Iraqi reaction from local and semi-government media like TV channels, news websites and presence on social media networks was unnoticeable, aligning with a political party, sect or country was clear in most of the news published regarding the Iraqi crises.

Iraq is fighting another battle on the media with a very capable enemy with no means to fight back because of the lack of professionalism, intendancy and English language knowledge.

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