Overview of Maysan 2nd International Exhibition

Under the slogan of “ Maysan, a City of Gold” the Maysan 2nd International Exhibition for Energy, Construction and Investment was launched today Feb 23rd and for the next 2 days.

 The Exhibition was sponsored by Maysan Oil Company which took care of all the expenses, it even offered one of its large steel storage facilities to be used for the event, the organizers was a local company called the Golden Falcon for Advertising and Fairs owned by a local lady, the event was way beyond of their capabilities, from the start when I got the invitation the bad design and English spelling mistakes gave me the expression that this is not for them.

I attended the event which started by the opening ceremony in a special hall designated for training courses and lectures, it was crowded and there were limited places for guests to sit, a thing that caused confusion during the speeches by people standing and talking in the middle passage, I almost didn’t hear a thing of anything said by the speakers.

Speeches by Maysan 1st deputy governor Chasib Hajjaj, PC member and head of the energy committee Rahi Al-Bazzoni and Maysan Oil Company DG Ali Maarch Al-Bahadly and many others were given, guests were also there; the International Finance Corporation (IFC) head in Iraq, Maysan University Chancellor representative, Maysan Police commander and many IOC’s foreign, Arabic and local heads and representatives.

The opening of the Exhibition area was delayed with no reason, visitors were prevented from entering the exhibition hall until the officials finally arrived on 11:30am, most of the people waiting were MOC staff and some local people who were curious, I estimated the professional people who are really related to the nature of the event by 35% to 40%.

With my first entry to the exhibition I noticed how big is the hall and how the exhibitors took the event seriously, every stall I visit the representatives were eager to explain about their products and services, trying to established a foothold in a promising province, I really met some nice people and identified some important business opportunities in the province.

I had trouble locating companies and getting information about their activities, the exhibitor’s brochure  wasn’t in the front gate as like other exhibitions that I attended, I was informed that I can get it from the organizing company, which I wasted about 30 minutes to locate.

As the Exhibitors brochure say the event hosts about 80 foreign, Arabic and local companies and establishments, I noticed that a large percentage of them are Governmental establishments like Maysan Provincial Council, Maysan Investment commission, South Oil products distribution authority and Maysan Governorate, there were also public companies like MOC, ,Al-Hadi Vegetable Oil Factory, Maysan Plastic Factory and the Iraqi Drilling company.

The Chinese were the strongest participants in the exhibition, then there was the Turkish, Iranian, Egyptian and Lebanese, some of the stalls were empty although there were name tags on them, for the first time in Maysan I noticed US and UK companies and brands, an indicator for security situation improvement and openness of the previously closed local government towards western companies.

Most of the equipment in the exterior are was for MOC and the Iraqi Drilling company, with little from private sector.

We can consider Maysan 2nd International Exhibition is a better one than 2013’s version with the number of participants and organization, but I think Maysan as one of the major oil giants in the south can do more to improve foreign participation and organizing in future exhibitions.

I leave you with more photos of Maysan 2nd International Exhibition…


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