I Wonder What NASA Say about Housain Religious Visitors?

Few days ago, Iraqi Shia Started their long walk towards Imam Housain Shrine in Karbala province in the second largest Islamic religious annual event in the world.

 Every year after 40 days from the memory of Imam Housain (the grandson of Prophet Mohammad) death on the 10th on Moharram the first month of the Arabic year, Muslim Shia in Iraq and around the world start the long walk towards Karbala where his shrine is located.

People of faith start walking for far distances from the edges of Iraq which might reach over 700km, hosted and fed for free by houses on their path of volunteers who setup camps along the way, which considered the largest food and drink giveaway in the world and history.

The Arbaeen Visit which means the 40th Visit estimated in 2012 to have reached 16,000,000 people, having handers of thousands walking in the same path.

For me, I was wondering what NASA Satellites could see if they directed their cameras towards this event?

I assume they will see a black giant snake which extends to several hundred kilometers.

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