Consulting for Developers and Borrowers in Iraq

Entrepreneurs and Projects Owners in Iraq can Choose the Best Funding Sources

Are you a Developer or Entrepreneur looking to start your business in Iraq and looking for funding? Then you came to the right place.

 I am specialized in connecting projects developers, entrepreneurs, and individuals aiming to startup or develop their ventures in Iraq, with investors and decision makers who are interested in putting money in your project with reasonable risk margin and proper guarantees.

This does not come over night, we need to see that you are serious and have the expertise to implement the project, we will have to see your project plan, feasibility study and proof of expertise, and of course you will need to put a share into the investment so the investor would see that you are willing to take the same risk that he is willing to take.

I will be able to kick start your venture in the right direction.

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Feel free to call me for free initial consulting, I would be more than happy to answer your question:.

  • Iraq Phone: 00964 (780)0008475
  • USA Phone: 001 (202) 6574320

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